You know the deal with turtles,

they’re slow and seem to take forever to get anywhere.

My favourite turtle though was the bloke in Entourage – remember him?

My favourite show of all time.

But have you ever felt like that turtle example explains exactly how things appear for you when it comes to your progress and getting back in those size ten jeans?

Cause no one ever wants to get somewhere slow.

Just like the P platter doing 140 past you on the freeway you want to get there quicker.

And nothing saps your will to go on

– and be ‘good’ sticking to your game plan – when the weight seems to take forever to disappear.

I get that.

So if you are losing your will to continue cause of slow, or non existent progress there’s 5 things I’d start with:

1) you gotta switch things up.

Make sure you’re not doing the same workout over and over again.

Besides being as exciting as watching a game of soccer it’s going to kill your progress if you ain’t mixing things up every month at least.

2) change your food plan.

Currently doing paleo only? Start carb cycling, add in intermittent fasting. Modify your cheat meals. Try something different.

Whatever fits.

3) Make sure you’re not eating too much – portion sizes are a big killer no matter how ‘clean’ you’re eating.

If you’re anything like me you could probably do with cutting things down every now and again if the scales aren’t shifting.

4) Stop copying what the person next to you is doing in the gym.

Get the advice of a professional who knows how to get results.

And if you do need help you know where to turn to…

5) Make sure you don’t miss my  my FREE Online Training Event that’s coming up soon,

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I want to see you there.

Friday October 20.

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PS – Seriously, I don’t know if I’ll do it again – depends how this one goes cause it’s a time consuming process to get it all happening for you.

So make sure you don’t miss out.

Click here to register for this FREE Online Training Event


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