Do you ever feel that despite how healthy you try to be, 

no matter what you eat,

or what you don’t eat,

that you just always seem to be bloated?

If you’re nodding your head yes I can safely assure you that you’re not Robinson Crusoe.

In fact, plenty of women come to DPM with that exact same feeling.

And I happened to come across an article which just may help you.

Well, to be honest, the DPM eating plan sorts out the issues as has been commented on so many times.

Just like this feedback says:

* “I was constantly feeling bloated and lethargic and now, honestly, I haven’t felt that feeling for ages”

* “It’s definitely changed a lot of things for me in the last month. I’ve lost 9kg (in 4 weeks). My bloating’s much, much better. My skin’s much better”

* “Probably the best thing that I noticed was I wasn’t as bloated, I wasn’t as tired and just feeling better about life overall”

* “It made me feel good. I didn’t feel bloated at all, even just after the first week it was amazing. Now I feel really good, I’m not as bloated. My tummy’s a little bit flatter and I’ve got heaps more energy. I’m getting out of bed. I’m playing with the kids more which is the best thing”

And that’s just a small handful of feedback from busy mums just like you who’ve completed a DPM transformation of their own.

And note, these were only after 4 short weeks.

But back to that article before I get too side tracked.

Some potential causes for your bloating:

– Overeating: ever get that food coma thing? Yep, me too. This would be me when I overdo things occasionally.

– hormones fluctuating: this is the no brainer, depending on what stage of your cycle that your at

– You’re FODMAP intolerant: this is bit more of thing now. Your body struggles to process some types of carbs e.g. onions, garlic and even some fruits 

– too much coffee: the caffeine plays a part but I reckon the dairy is a big thing here 

– not chewing enough: that’s an interesting one.

– gluten intolerant: even if you’re not a coeliac you may still be intolerant. In fact, most people normally respond better when they at least take out wheat (or not eat it as much)

– your lactose intolerant: once again most people can struggle to process dairy so turf the milk and get your calcium through veggies and nuts and fish.

So’d you find something that you could try?

Or know someone who can benefit?

I’d appreciate if you can please pass on my details and this link:


I’ll hook em up with 2 weeks free to test drive the complete DPM system to see if we’re a good fit for each other.



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