Save this for later.

Cause chances are later today you’re going to be dying for a sugar hit.

What do you reckon? Is that you?

If so these snack ideas might give you something to think about instead of the usual nuts or carrot and hommus stuff.

You might find something that works for you.

# Coconut Water

– funnily enough we can often confuse hunger with being thirsty.

Coconut water gives you that something more than just water.

It’s also pretty hydrating too when it’s really hot and you can’t exactly crack the wine bottle open at work right?

# Trail Mix

– grab a few of your favourite things nuts, seeds, shredded coconut, even a bit of dried fruit – whatever. Make a massive batch and you’re set for the week.

Just remember to pre-prepare a portion controlled serve cause if you’re anything like me you could keep eating from that container all day.

# Pistachio nuts or peanuts in their shell

– kinda specific but cause you’ve got to shell them they take longer to eat – meaning your brain has time to get the message that it’s full sent up from your stomach before you OD on em.

# frozen fruit

– once again it takes longer to eat cause you’ve got to chew em.

So throw some grapes, berries or bananas in the freezer and snack on them for the same reason mentioned above.

What have you got to lose?

Any of them are going to help you more in the long term than going to that bloody chocolate machine again…



PS – If you feel like you need to get something happening again exercise wise, don’t forget I’ve got a couple of spots available in both my Lilyfield and Observatory Hill morning small group sessions that you might be interested in.

Just let me know if you need any help and we can get a chat organised to see what may work for you and your schedule.


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