It’s not exactly a big secret that kids these days love a bit of screen time.

Be that borrowing your phone or your iPad when you’re off doing other things, it can sure serve a purpose in your moment of need.

So I’m not going to get on my high horse and give a lecture about how detrimental this is to their health.

Cause we both do it.

And they can actually learn some cool things on there.

Although, I still can’t work out why kids want to watch other kids play with their toys on youtube?

Why not just go in your room and play with your toys?!

Or is that just my daughter?

But I’m old and just don’t get it I guess.

Here’s one thing though I actually want you to show your kids on your phone or iPad.

Emily and I came across it last week when she asked to watch the Ninja Warrior performances that were on after she went to bed.

She loves this show and as far as I’m concerned, it wouldn’t kill Channel 9 to put the one family friendly tv show that’s actually on at the moment that has no bitchiness or backstabbing on earlier instead of A Current Affair.

But I’m not here for a whinge.

I want to show you this 4 year old kid we found in the suggested video side bar.

She’s awesome.

And her Dad has put me to shame in the best Dad department.

He built a massive Ninja Warrior course in his backyard for her.

Sure, he got some help from a Go Fund Me campaign but hey why not.

The kid loves it.

It’s great exercise for her.

And it gets her off those damned screens.

The link to the video is in the PS and I seriously recommend you show it to your kids or at least check it out for yourself.

Emily loved watching her go through the course, and just quietly, so did I.

And if by showing your kids something like this helps get home the point that it’s fun to exercise too.

If they can learn that from an early age then a bit of Youtube can’t be too bad after all.



PS – and that video link? you’ll find it here of course

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