Earlier this year pollies in the UK decided that school kids should have a legal right to 75 minutes of break time each day.

This is so they can play (to have an indirect benefit to their health and fitness) and also a break to improve their concentration for the rest of the day.

Now I don’t know the exact break times at Emily’s school, but I do find it interesting there was an offical motion in parliament about it.

This brings the question to mind for me that if it’s good enough for kids to have that mandated break, what about us?

Would it help improve our concentration, and as a result our productivity, if we could have a mandated break time each day?

Cause I don’t know about your work, but I know for a fact that for most people, the days of the compulsory lunch break are long gone in a lot of work places.

I saw something referenced in the same article from a UK recruitment firm who found that after surveying 1000 workers, 62% of those are given less than an hour lunch break from their company.

And out of that number, two thirds take less than what they’re allocated.

Not surprising.

The interesting thing that I wonder is whether an enforced lunch break for the entire workplace would have a productive outcome?

So even though people are technically spending less time working, would they be more likely to get more done in that time?

That’s what I’d like to see happen.

Maybe you have experience with that at your work?

I’d suggest it would have a positive correlation.

The simple example is the fact that you always get the most done when you are on a shorter deadline – like the day before you go away for a holiday.

You don’t stuff around.

What’s your two cents?

And if your workplace is looking to implement something like this, maybe a lunchtime corporate boxing session might work?

I’d be happy to look into it for your workplace and have a chat about it with you or the appropriate people if there’s some interest.

Why boxing? Well, obviously the fitness benefit is well known from it, but the stress release from hitting something would be just as beneficial. 

Something to show your boss maybe?


PS – remember each workout you attend between now and the end of August counts as a point towards the DPM Winter Olympics medal tally.

(And remember bringing a friend along gets you 5 bonus points and another 5 when they join after their 2 week trial)

I’ll give you an update later this week on the leaderboard.