Got to tell you I got a laugh out of a headline I saw last week online.

“Should Your PT Look Like A Fitness Model” or words to those effect was the clickbait.

Obviously, if you’re here reading this, you’ll obviously say no.

Cause I’m well aware you drew the short end of the stick in that regards when it comes to your trainer of choice.

I don’t pretend to be under any illusion that I’m Chris Hemsworth, nor do I have a hammer that makes me Thor, so I guess it’s a good thing I know a thing or two about what works and the almost 14 years running DPM would back that up.

This all comes from a US study that said that trainers who are more muscular are perceived as more knowledgeable and competent than their peers.

Ok then.

Sorry I guess…

So I’m not built like a brick outhouse or have the flowing locks or looks to be Thor but it is what it is and I chose not to pump my body with a bunch of supplements over the years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not on some woe is me campaign to get your to say but “oh you’re the thinking woman’s trainer Daniel”.

But like I said, luckily enough I know a few other things that work in this industry and how to get results.

Maybe even dare I say than my more muscular counterparts.

Either way, I’m not losing sleep.

I appreciate you for backing me instead of the young 20 something fitness model who is brain dead between the ears (and who doesn’t know how to take the mickey out of himself and make jokes at his own expense).

And on that note, if you have any other feedback on what things are like with your training experience. or maybe what you’d like to see added (besides bigger guns from me), then I’d love if you can take some time to fill in this short feedback survey here.

Thanks for taking the couple of minutes out of your day to fill this in.

It’ll help us both in the long run.


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