Did you see the latest Shonky award winners last week?

You know that annual thing that Choice put out naming and shaming all the dodgy bastards.

This year had some I thought you might be interested in cause of their ‘health’ angles.

Milo was one.

Not that you’d exactly find Milo on the DPM food plan (I figure it’s better to leave out crap like this so you can actually have the stuff that you really want – like a wine or three!)

but somehow Milo has a 4.5 health star rating.

Kinda surprising for me, and it seems to Choice as well cause it’s actually 46% sugar.

Not exactly deserving of a 4.5 health star rating right?

Unless we’re rating out of 100 I guess.

Another thing that got a ‘Shonky’ was camel milk.

Now maybe I’ve been living under a rock but I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

There you go.

And at $21 a litre I won’t be in a hurry to try it.

Drinking a camels milk just doesn’t seem to grab me to be honest.

Apparently there’s a boat load of benefits to using it as a dairy alternative but I’d rather leave them for someone else to try.

And I’ll stick with almond or coconut milk every now and then.

Last of all is the Medical Weight Loss Institute.

The bloke who used to run Bodytrim is behind this.

The one thing I’ll give this guy is he is a master copywriter.

You’ve probably seen his ads in the health section of the weekend papers and they’re in the same format as his old bodytrim ads.

Apparently the deal with this institute thing is they ‘customise’ a weight loss plan for you that funnily enough seems to revolve around a boat load of medicines that you can only get from them.

And that you don’t have to work out to lose weight.

Sure, you can lose weight without exercise.

In fact you can even do so safely.

But you’re going to get a hell of a lot better results when you add exercise in.

You’re muscles will get stronger and bigger, while your measurements go down at the same time which means you’re going to burn more fat even when you’re sitting at your desk reading this.

Add in the mental therapy you get out of doing it and you’d be crazy not to follow the approach that I utilise at DPM.

And of course, you don’t have to take a bunch of pills and supplements when you follow the game plan I recommend.

So there you go, a bit of an insight into this years Shonky awards.

Gotta say I can’t argue with Choice here.

There’s plenty of other things you could add to the list but they’ve made a pretty good start.

If you’re interested in finding out exactly what is included as part of the DPM food plans, 

I’ve got a couple of spots available in both my Lilyfield and Observatory Hill morning small group sessions that you might be interested in.

And you’ll get the hook up of course when you join us.

Just let me know if you need any help and we can get a chat organised.





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