There’s a bit of a movement at the moment towards barefoot movement.

So training barefoot and walking barefoot and ‘earthing’ where you are barefoot on the grass to connect with the earth and all that type of stuff.

Whatever floats your boat I say.

But one of the benefits of the zoom workouts that we’re forced to do for our groups is that you might want to embrace the whole training barefoot thing.

See if it works for you or not.

Cause obviously it’s not ideal to do it in our usual workouts, this might be your chance if you like that type of thing.

Things have come a long way regarding this.

I remember the old corporate gym I used to work in had a must wear shoes policy back in the day and training barefoot was definitely a no-no from a safety view point.

I assume that the big chain gyms still might operate by this philosophy (that’s if they’re ever allowed to open up again…), but some of the more ‘functional training’ style studios might be more open to the idea.

Some of the benefits of training barefoot include:

– Better balance; Yes it feels harder doing certain exercises at first cause you don’t have the stability of your usual runners, but it actually helps you in the long run.

This is cause it works all the little muscles in your leg more than they’d otherwise get.

– Stronger feet: another follow on from the above point of all the muscles in your feet and lower legs working harder than normal.

– Better ankle stability: This might be worth a shot if you’ve turned your ankles over more times than you care to remember. Once again, a follow on from the above points.

That’s just a couple of things, but it might be worth the experiment cause we aren’t getting out of this bloody lockdown anytime soon.


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