Okay, well maybe not the sex and the rock n roll part.

Although I’d argue that listening to a bit of Bon Jovi will enhance any workout that you’ll do.

And you could also no doubt argue that the more exercise you do, 

the more it’ll help you between the sheets.

But that’s a topic for another day.

What I’m talking about today are drugs.

Now we all know the ‘drugs are bad mmmkay’ speech from Mr Mackey in South Park.

However, I came across an article where this professor in the UK

thinks that lazy people should take drugs.

Not the ice and coke type.

But a stimulant that he calls ‘doping for lazy people’.

Kinda like Lance Armstrong without all the lies I guess.

What do you think?

He claims:

Reducing effort perception through the use of drugs with
wakefulness-promoting agents, like those used to treat sleep disorders,
may help to override people’s lazy tendencies enough
to partake in some moderate exercise. 

While his views may seem pretty out there, Marcora points out there isn’t any strong ethical opposition to the use of medications to help quit smoking (nicotine) or treat obesity (appetite suppressants). 

Fair point when you put it like that possibly?

I see where he’s going.

And yes, it sounds controversial, but it just may help.

And if it helps some people get off their arse who otherwise wouldn’t

do so then maybe he’s on a winner.

Providing there’s no long term side effects (besides weight loss obviously!)

With the obesity epidemic the way it is,

it just might be worth a shot.

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