All you gotta do these days is tune into either Insta or Facebook and realise that the selfie game with some people is very strong.

Me, I can take or leave em.

I take one every now and then, usually if i’m taking a photo of Emily and me, 

so my selfie game can probably do with some work.

Truth be told though, we’ve been taking selfies for years haven’t we?

We’re all guilty of it.

It’s just that in the ‘good ole days’ we had to use the old kodak, turn it around, hope for the best and wait until the roll was full before we got it developed at the photo shop.

Remember those days?

Kids just don’t know the struggle of knowing whether your prized shot on your long saved for holiday turned out alright or ended up with a finger print over the lens or out of focus!

Ahh the struggle was real right?

Anyways, here’s a selfie 2.0.

Taking selfies to another level.

It’s called a ‘healthie’,

and there supposed to be the new selfies.

By this it means celebs and the like posting their workouts online to inspire their followers and get them more active.

And as you know, I’ve post my share of ‘healthies’ every now and then too.

You may have even tried one that you saw someone post yourself right?

So if it’s going to get people doing something similar themselves then why not.

Maybe I should post some more online too.

But if you’d prefer the in person experience – cause you need someone to take the confusion out of it all,

or you just need someone to be accountable to = to ensure you actually do what you said you would do,

Click the link below, answer the couple of questions and take that next step.

I’ll then be in touch with a time for us to talk about things further


PS – I might have to post a ‘healthie’ workout next week yeah? Stay tuned…


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