I always find it interesting when a study comes out and says a magical number of minutes that you need to do to lose weight.

Maybe I’m just weird, but that’s how I’m wired anyways.

This one today from the University of Kentucky found that you ‘only’ need 300 minutes of exercise a week to lose weight.

Now this bit of research is a bit of small sample size theatre, considering only 44 people were used, but regardless of how many people they used that seems like an excessive amount of minutes to me.

I mean 5 hours of exercise a week to lose weight?

Sure, you’ll lose weight with that, but as I’ve proven many a time before, and you may likely have experienced it for yourself, you don’t even need half of that to get results if you’re smart with your training.

So how can you short cut your results?

Pick exercises that work multiple muscles at once like we do for most of the stuff we do at DPM.

Apply a food approach that is similar to what I normally recommend – ie carb cycling without having to count calories of every single thing you eat.

So basically not having processed carbs for a couple of days a week.

Limiting – but not cutting out – the good stuff like alcohol and chocolate or whatever else you enjoy.

Hopefully now Australia Day is done and dusted and pretty much everyone should be back at work/training/school etc from this week then this might be good timing.

The other thing that might be good timing is another DPM 6 Week Challenge that I mentioned yesterday.

I understand you may have missed that note considering it was a public holiday and you may not have been online.

So if you think something like this would work for you to help you get back on track – and if you do want to lose weight- in less than 300 minutes a week of exercise – then let me know.

If there’s enough interest we’ll get another one up and running that’ll be similar to the last couple of ones that i did last year.

How bout it?


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