So how’d you go with that workout I shared yesterday?

That type of short workout was kinda timely considering an article that came out on Monday (and after I’d already scheduled in that email for you).

Basically it said something that you and I know is a no-brainer.

But as I always say, it doesn’t hurt to see things reinforced over and over again.

Cause you never know the first time that message might sink in for someone else out there.

And that news was that exercise and a healthy diet are a key to reducing cancer rates.

No sh!t I hear you reply.

But like I said, the  more it gets out, the more it might sink in for people.

This was tied around the news item in the SMH that 200,000 cases of cancer over the next 25 years could be avoided if people just lost weight and exercised more.

That’s not just a drop in the ocean wouldn’t you agree?

Pretty significant.

I know for some people that wouldn’t make them change things.

That’s their loss.


Cause the health system will have to pick up the burden there.

So it’s our loss too. Financially at least.
Either way, if we all do our bit we’re all lessening our chance of being one of those 200,000. From avoidable lifestyle cancers at least.

Some are just a bad luck of the draw. That’s a given.

But there’s plenty that are avoidable.

And if you know someone who needs to be pointed in the right direction, or if you just need a bit of a re-set to shake things up, you’re in the right spot.

Remember those three options I mentioned the other day?

Here they are again:

1) the early morning small group sessions at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill

2) one on one personal training where I come to you in the comfort of your home – or meet in an outdoors location that’s mutually convenient

3) The Short ‘N Sweet book that gives you six different 20 minute workouts to follow step by step (complete with video demos)

Pick one and let’s work on things together.


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