Well, there’s a few.

Sure, genetics helps.

However, it’s not the be all and end all luckily.

But lets focus on the main ones that we can control.

There’s a couple of things that will do the job for you:

* Squats

* Deadlifts

* Lunges

* Hip Extensions

And all of their variations.

Basically what we do at Team DPM.

Cause I only want to do an exercise that has a purpose.

There’s another one though that can sometimes be forgotten:

Hill Sprints.

These are awesome. 

As well as giving you a tight butt. they are also awesome for really helping accelerate your weight loss potential. 

By boosting your metabolism and getting that heart rate up you’re on a winner. 

And the best part is even if you have joints that are comparable with an 80 year old (like me) they won’t give your knees the grief that flat running does. 


Cause there’s not as much contact time between your foot and the ground. 

Simple as that. 

And you don’t have to be sprinting like Usain Bolt to enjoy the benefits.

Even if a slow jog is your top speed, it’ll work.

That incline will get your heart rate going.

Luckily, at all our DPM venues we’ve got some great hill sprint options – both short and long and suitable for most no matter how long it’s been since you’ve done anything.

Here’s what’s currently happening on the DPM timetable right now:

* Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday at Leichhardt Oval Number 3 in Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am

* Tues/Thurs at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

* Wed morning at Observatory Hill 7-7:30am

* Wednesday Lunch Break 1:15-1:45pm at Dawes Point under the Harbour Bridge

* Saturday at Observatory Hill 8-9am


Just hit reply and let me know what you’re interested in and what you want to get out of us working together.


So give those hill sprints a go and enjoy the tight butt as your reward. 



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