If there’s one thing that does my head in when it comes to advertising, and this is especially relevant to the fitness industry, it is the old bait and switch advertising.

You know the one where something is advertised as free but really you have to pay a deposit which gets credited towards your first actual transaction.

The trend for some fitness businesses that I’ve heard of is to get people in the door initially with the free trial period offer.

But they have to pay whatever amount of money as a deposit to ‘hold’ their space.

They can then have their money credited towards their first month of training when they decide to go ahead or they can get a refund at the end if they actually show up.

It gets forfeited if they don’t turn up.

If you get down to it it is typical bait and switch. Which means get someone in on the promise of something only to find out that it’s something else.

Retailers use this to get people in on an initial price only for you to find out “oh sorry we just sold the last one of those, but we have this at a higher price”.

I’ve had a car dealer try and pull that one on me until I called them on it. “Oh yeah we can still do that other price”…

And it is supposed to be illegal.

But I guess like anything, it’s only illegal if you get caught.

It does my head in though and is just another reason why I like to seperate myself from the traditional personal trainer.

So when it comes to my 2 week test drive that I offer, there’s no dressing it up and calling it something else once someone comes in.

My free trial is 100% free. 

No fine print. 

Yes I miss out on a deposit initially. 

And yes, some people disappear after that two weeks.

Some don’t even show up at all.

It is what it is.

They were never going to be a good fit anyways.

But I’d like to think that the trust I build over the two weeks is worth more than what a couple of bucks in my account short term means.

I think that’s evident by the amount of long term clients who’ve been with DPM for 10 plus years.

And those who aren’t at 10 years yet, but they aren’t too far behind.
So rest assured that when you encourage a friend to come and check out DPM they get 2 weeks free test drive with no fine print or deposits or whatever. 

I’d rather create a good relationship from the get go rather than get some money to ‘reserve’ their spot.

And the other thing they don’t get, unlike others during the test drive, is daily texts or emails ‘encouraging’ them to join today to lock in a super low rate moving forward that’s only available for a short period of time.

I can assure them that they get the full 2 weeks to check it out prior to me asking them to make a commitment if they’re a good fit.

Sound fair enough?


PS – don’t forget to let me know ASAP if you’re interested in that later start Lilyfield group training session on Friday mornings.

That way you can have your sleep in and get your workout in too!

Just hit reply and let me know – or if you missed it check out yesterdays message or just ask me 


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