Funny how things turn out sometimes.

For years I’ve said lightheartedly that you can prove anything you want through research if you manipulate enough criteria to get the results you want.

Well, it turns out I may not be far off the mark in some instances.

I only just came across this, a bit belatedly, cause it’s old news now (late 2018), but it seems that some of the biggest studies that have been referenced time and time again as gospel have been dismissed.

A food researcher from Cornell University has had 15 studies revoked after further investigations proved that his data was heavily manipulated.

And these weren’t some mickey mouse studies, they were ones that are pretty well known – such as the old shopping while hungry leads you to buying more junk food, preordering lunch can help you make a healthier choice and another big one – that eating off bigger plates leads us to eat more.

Familiar with any of those?

It goes a little deeper too. Turns out this guy wasn’t the only bloke who’s fudging results. Apparently it’s rife in the industry.

Who woulda thought hey…

Just goes to show about my original suspicions as the old saying goes, that with any joke there’s often an element of truth to it.

Turns out part of the reason for this is cause researchers get funded when they get published, and you’re not going to get published if what you find isn’t exactly what you were looking for right?

Anyways, it looks like things might be changing. The real deal researchers are coming up with steps to make sure this doesn’t happen.

And the more that happens, the more accurate research findings we’ll get.

Which means a better result for you and me.

Sorry if this moment to you is like a kid finding out that some things aren’t real anymore, but it could be a good thing moving forward.


PS – you can read the report here if you’re interested.

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