It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – or something like that.

What’s on the cards?

Time off?

Working through?

Plenty of food and drink?

The last ones a given so seeing as this is my last offering – kinda – before I take 2 weeks off I wanted to give you something worth thinking about when it comes to Christmas.

But first, I say kinda, cause I’m actually pre-loading a few emails to you over the next 2 weeks to keep you entertained if you’re bored and sitting around watching Christmas Vacation reruns (how good is that movie?!) and drinking too many chardies.

Why would I bother doing that?

Cause I figure you’re going to be staring at your phone at some time and just might need some holiday reading.

And to give you a bit of food for thought over the time of year when we’re normally going to town and eating and drinking too much.

Not to make you feel bad, cause that’s what I’ll be doing.

Drinking every day (within reason)

Not really watching what I eat.

You know the drill.

Plus something I write may trigger you to get started when we resume on Jan 9th.

But back to the inside mail on how to get through the next couple of weeks with all the extra food and drink that’s coming.

Rather than the usual crap that ‘experts’ sprout about eat more veggies at Christmas lunch thing here’s my take:

1) Don’t worry about what happens over a few days.

Sure we’re going to eat and drink more than we might usually do.

But how often is Christmas?

Rhetorical question of course.

So go to town and have what you want.

2) Get a short and sweet workout in to give your metabolism a boost before you go to town and eat and drink for Australia.

C’mon we’re all going to do it!

Try and give it a shot before at least one of your big feasts.

Even 10-15 mins of something worthwhile is going to help.

I’ll send you one next week that you can hit to save you making it up as you go along

3) The day after your big feast fast the next morning.

After all you’re going to have enough calories stored away to get you by until at least lunch time!

4) As soon as your family gatherings are done and dusted get on the 3 Day Detox Diet to get you back on track.

If you don’t have it yet, you need to be part of Team DPM to have access.

You’ll get your free hard copy and digital copy too for easy reference when you join us.

So what do you think?

Not the same boring stuff you expected?

Now have an awesome Christmas break and stay tuned for some updates over the next 2 weeks every couple of days.

I’ll be back in full swing on Monday January 9


PS – thanks for reading this and for being a part of Team DPM – I appreciate you and hope you and your fam have a great Christmas period.


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