No I’m not talking about getting ‘robbed’ like Ryan Lochte or Robert Allenby.

Can’t handle their piss, get themselves into trouble then try and blame someone else for it.

Nice blokes right?

I’m talking about robbed in the true sense of the word.

Like the Boomers were yesterday in the bronze medal game at the Olympics.

Last 5 secs a Spanish bloke flops (takes a dive) when his shot missed

and Patty Mills gets called for a foul which gives them 2 shots to win the game

(we were up by one at the time).

Pretty ordinary way to lose the most important game of the year.

But that’s life.

And after the initial feeling of pissed off at being robbed subsided, 

I can think back and look at that wasn’t really where they lost the game.

They still had one possession left after that but couldn’t get a shot away.

Spain hustled hard in defence.

And to be honest, they really lost their best medal chance on Saturday.

When they got pumped by Serbia.

A team that we were expected to beat (and had beat a week earlier by 15).

We didn’t turn up that day.

So it got me thinking this morning how we always come up with excuses when the cards don’t fall our way.

“We were robbed!”

“Had to work late so couldn’t do XYZ”

“Kids were up all night”

Insert your own reason here

When really, they’re all just a way to make us feel better about something we didn’t do when we had the chance.

We all do it.

Me too.

Cause its always easier to blame someone else or another circumstance to help us justify a decision isn’t it?

But when you think about it, whenever we’ve really achieved anything in our life,

whether that be losing 5kg or getting back on track eating wise, 

cutting down on the wines at dinner or after a stressful day,

we still had the same obstacles to overcome.

You still had a lot on at work.

The kids were still restless that night before.

You still had those shit days.

Or whatever.

It’s just that our determination to get the result was stronger then.


So maybe we’re more like Ryan Lochte than we’d like to think.

Doesn’t mean it’s time to feel sorry for him.

Just means we gotta get real our own situation.

We’re always going to be busy.

Have things on that need to be done.

But when the need to change, and the NEED to lose that stubborn 5-10kg

that just won’t shift by yourself overrides all then you know it’s time for action.

That trigger point may be not being able to do then button up on your favourite pair of jeans.

Or just being sick of the ‘mum uniform’ of baggy t shirt and oversized jeans.

Whatever it is

Come join me as part of Team DPM at either our Observatory Hill or Lilyfield sessions 


And let me show you how to do it without having to commit your life to eating rabbit food and being ‘perfect’.

Best still, you can get it done before you start your day and then it’s done!

It’s not as hard as you think.



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