I’m sorry to say but I’m here to report a loss.

Common Sense fought a good battle,

hung in there for longer than it probably well should of considering what it was up against.

But I’m sad to say that it passed away in 2018.

Maybe you think I had too many drinks yesterday and lost the plot.


But what I’m talking about is a news story from earlier this week about a preschool that made headlines for banning kids from having best friends.

We have officially lost the plot as a society.

This school in America has banned kids from having best friends because they want to protect other kids from being left out.


Never mind banning guns or stuff that might actually hurt kids.

Let’s ban them having best friends.

It all came out after a 4 year old came home in tears cause a teacher got her in trouble for using the ‘best friends’ tag to describe ironically enough, her best friend.

Glad they’re focusing on the real problems of the world.

Anyways, now that common sense has departed, what gets banned next?

Fortunately there is one place where you’ll still find some common sense and a bit of sanity.


As you’re no doubt aware, we take a common sense approach to this whole losing the stubborn kilos thing.

You are going to have ups.

You are going to have downs.

Celebrate your wins and learn from your losses.

Cause when it comes down to it, 

the good news about losing those stubborn kilos is that it isn’t exactly rocket science once you’ve got the right game plan in place.

One that is not only doable with your busy lifestyle,

but also one that doesn’t restrict you from enjoying your favourite things from time to time.

Oh, and if you want to have a best friend at our sessions?

Go for it.

I’m sure everyone else won’t be offended or feel left out.


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