Remember couple of weeks back I mentioned how I wanna give you free stuff?

Well I still do.

Initially it was supposed to end on Saturday.


I had a couple of people who, due to the public holiday on Monday, couldn’t actually come and join us until May.

So, being the good bloke that I am

(well at least I think I am)

we’re extending it to the end of May.

So you’ve still got time to drag your friends along to check out what we actually do.

I can talk till I’m blue in the face about it,

saying how it’s nothing like Crossfit,

or those muppets who wear camo and yell at you to do another push up in the mud.


Until they actually experience it for themselves, they never truly get that it’s actually true!

Best thing is they don’t even have to join for you to get the goods.

If it’s not the right fit for them then so be it.

At least they gave it a go.

So what do you get?

Bring 1 friend: And you get a DPM singlet in whatever size you choose

Bring 2 friends: Grab yourself a DPM t-shirt

Bring 3 friends: DPM Hoodie

Bring 4 friends: DPM t-shirt and hoodie combo

Bring 5 friends: $100 Visa debit card

If you are interested in joining us, or know someone who is,

I have some spaces available in the following groups:

** Monday/Wednesday at Leichhardt Oval Number 3 in Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am

** Tuesday/Friday at Leichhardt Oval Number 3 in Lilyfield 5:40-6:40am (men only)

** Tues/Thurs at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

** Saturday at Observatory Hill 8-9am

Thanks for sharing the word.

Click the link below to lock in their spot and get the ball rolling for a start next week.


PS – tell them not to worry cause they aren’t going to get ‘smashed’ like at one of those army style boot camps!


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