After yesterdays light hearted post, today I wanted to give you something really worthwhile.

And if you don’t listen to anything else I usually say, make this the one thing you pay attention to.

Cause this one simple thing can be a real game changer for you – especially if you’re not currently part of DPM.

If you are, it’ll explain why I do the things the way I do.

In fact it’s probably my best exercise tip I can ever give you.

Pull more than you push

By this, I mean when you are doing your workouts, whether that be training on your own in a gym or in a home workout, make sure you do more pull exercises – ie ones that target your back muscles instead of push exercises – things that work your chest like a push up.


Couple of reasons.

1) Most people spend most of their life sitting down – whether that be at work, in transit to work or at home after the kids are in bed.

We’re seated.

And especially if you work on a laptop, or even a normal desktop, you’ll know that your posture isn’t great when we do this. We sit hunched over and your shoulders are rounded forward.

2) Most people are usually chest dominant anyways, When it comes to workouts, especially ones that are just bodyweight only, its easier to come up with stuff like push ups and chest presses etc than it is for back exercises.

That just puts your back at more of a disadvantage.

Cause when you think about it, your back muscles should be trained more anyways, because they are the dominant muscles that help keep us upright and stop us from walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

They’re also bigger than your chest muscles too.

So what back ‘pull’ exercises can you do?

My favourite bodyweight exercise is Stick Ups.

If you want you can add a mini band to this to make it harder.

If you want to use a band, I’d say Archers, which is one we’ve recently introduced to the DPM workouts and they work really well.

And if you use a resistance tube, I’d say things like Tube Rows, or 1 Arm Bent Over Rows.

That’s just given you 4 exercises to focus on.

If you want to go back to bodyweight only, you can do Renegade Rows. 

Of course you can make these harder by using a tube or weights.

Whatever you choose though, make sure you focus on the back more than the chest.

Your posture will thank you.

I also recommend adding in Reverse Helicopters to help with your posture and the posterior deltoid muscle in your shoulder.

And a good rule of thumb is a 2:1 ratio for back to chest.

Or increase to 3:1 if you already have posture problems.

Now you might understand more why at DPM we do a heap of back exercises and not as much on the chest.

Yes we still do them obviously, but just not as much.

Hopefully this insight has helped you with your own workout program.



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