Every now and then I like to go back in the archives and look at the stuff on my blog that I posted at the same time over the last few years.

For two reasons, one cause I like to see what my mind was like at the time and what I was thinking (cause some are worth forgetting, while others are worth a repost of sorts and adding in my current thoughts).

And there was one I saw from 5 years ago that got me curious about what the kid was up to.

It turns out I posted about this little kid in NYC who was pumping out motivational quotes and training his cousin who was getting bullied cause he was overweight.

If you want a walk down memory lane you can find it here.

So I wondered what the kid was up to now.

I thought 5 years is a long time in a kids life and I wondered if his youtube channel was still up or whether he’d faded into obscurity and turned his life over to cheeseburgers and big slices of New York pizza.

Anyways, it turns out he’s been doing some things.

He’s been on Ellen – hopefully he wasn’t abused by her off camera…

And he’s still pumping out the content.

I’ve included the old video below as well as one of his latest for a comparison to see for yourself.

So as you can see he’s still putting out the motivational stories – maybe a future Tony Robbins in the making.

Kinda cool that he’s seemingly done well for himself and built a bit of a following after some initial internet fame.

Just goes to show that all social media isn’t exactly bad.

It is what you make of it, like most things in life.

Have a good week and maybe take a leaf out of the kids book for some motivation if you’re struggling to get out of the bed with the cold.



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