Something for you today which may relate to how you felt when your alarm went off this morning.

If you’ve ever felt like hitting snooze and missing your session (so pretty much everyone of us at one time or another), I’m sure you’ll find this funny. 

Same goes if you ever felt like your effort or your motivation during a session was half arsed cause you were tired or otherwise distracted.

There was a video that went viral recently about an overweight cat who was put on a weight loss program by her vet.

That process involved getting on a treadmill and obviously walking.

Old Cinderblock had other ideas though and wasn’t having a bar of that.

She sat on the side of the treadmill and only put one paw on it moving it along while the rest of her body just sat there.

Basically saying “i’m not buying into this sh!t”.

Did you see it?

Now I’m not a massive cat lover by any means, but I did find it amusing and figured that it was something that we could all relate to at one time or another.

Good news though, cause Cinderblock has now got used to the treadmill and is actually using it, not just sitting there getting one paw to do the job

So hopefully this story has a happy ending.



PS – you can see the video and see the link to keep updated on her progress for yourself in this post


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