Funny how things change.

Been doing a bit of reflecting over the weekend cause Saturday was 12 years since my Dad died.

For those who don’t know,

basically it was out of the blue.

He was 53 and had a massive heart attack.

I saw him that morning when we were both getting ready for work,

then five hours later I’m at the hospital staring at his body.

He was massively overweight, and didn’t exactly look after himself.

And it hit me, and everyone else for a six.

I knew it was coming one day.

But didn’t think that soon.

Anyways, basically it made me reassess things.

Made me pull my finger out.

Work out what I wanted to do with my life.

The answer turned out to be this.

Especially since having Emily it’s made me realise I don’t want her to grow up without a Dad missing her big life events.

So the reflections are not so much now on what could’ve been.

There’s been plenty of that over the years.

More so now, just confirmation that I don’t want to end up the same.

And the closer I get to 53, the more it hits home.

Cause really that’s just too damn young.

Also reflection on what you appreciate in life.

Even though we get kicked in the guts enough, and seemingly endlessly, 

there is plenty in my life to be appreciative of.

I just have to look at my family every day to see that.

So kinda different approach today.

but also the same sort of lesson as usual 

= don’t take things for granted – especially your health and your family

= and be appreciative of what you have

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