Have you ever heard of the concept of a recovery workout?

These can have a couple of different meanings, but they may well be the missing ingredient you need to help accelerate your progress.

A recovery workout can be something as simple as just getting outside and going for a walk.

I’ve often encouraged people to do this when they first start with DPM.

To go for a walk the day after their first session to help reduce any potential soreness that might happen from them getting back into a regular routine again.

Now that doesn’t meant they get flogged on their first session mind you.

I normally call it a ‘charity session’. A chance for us both to see where they’re at.

And a way to introduce the thought that this exercise routine isn’t going to be a punish to do.

More so something that can be easily added in.

That has as much psychological benefit as it does a physical benefit.

So the walk the day after can help reduce the soreness as it gets your body moving again.

Another option is a good foam roller session.

Same principle basically – to help reduce any soreness.

But also for the overall benefit that foam rolling gives your body.

Then there’s a new concept I came across recently = a rebound workout.

This is where you combine stuff like foam rolling and stretching in with some short maximum efforts – like a short sprint with a long recovery on an exercise bike.

Or if you do a heavy deadlift, just doing the lifting part and dropping the weight to the ground so you’re not doing the ‘negative’ part of the movement.

The thought is it stimulates a different part of your nervous system and increases your recovery.

I personally prefer the foam rolling and walking options but each to their own.

If you get benefit out of that rebound concept then go for it.

Let me know what works for you.



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