Everyone loves a pat on the back and recognition for their efforts.

You’re only human if you do.

So what happens if you don’t get it?

I read something interesting yesterday and I thought it was worth exploring here.

“Recognition is a lagging indicator, and new opportunities with greater responsibility are leading indicators of future success.”

Now, obviously this is targeted at a work point of view with regards to promotions and pay rises etc, but you can definitely apply it to your training.

Well, the first part of it anyways.

Recognition is a lagging indicator.

It can be hard to see the effort that you continue to put in day in ,day out, week in, week out.

And it may feel like no one notices all that effort and work.

It might be a blow to your ego if no one notices your regular efforts depending on how you’re wired

But here’s the deal. Well, there’s two deals.

Firstly, I notice who is a regular attendee, and on the other side who isn’t.

That’s why you may get a message or two if I don’t see you when I should see you for a couple of weeks running.

Not cause I’m being a pain in the arse.

But cause I want to keep you to what you said you would do,
but most importantly to check that all is okay with you.

Cause I get that things come up from time to time and you can’t always make things happen.

However if it’s becoming a regular thing I want to make sure that you’re all good.

The other side of the recognition thing is this: If someone sees you on a regular basis – like your partner – it’s going to be harder for them to see the changes that you’ve made.

Same applies for yourself. It can be hard for you to see your own changes cause obviously you live with yourself and see yourself in the mirror everyday.

Unless you have a prior benchmark whether it’s clothes that now suddenly fit again or you can run around with your kids and not get tired, there’s no real obvious change either.

Cause it’s not like you wake up overnight and suddenly you’ve lost 5kg or suddenly your skin is better.

It’s a gradual process.

Then eventually, things just seem to happen again.

And the ones who will notice the difference would be someone who you haven’t seen in ages.

So don’t take it too personal if you’re not getting the regular recognition or self validation.

Keep doing the work.

Cause at the end of the day, so long as the changes are happening, that’s the main thing right?


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