Time to publicly recognise and celebrate some DPMers who have recently reached some big milestones.

First of all, there’s 3 that have reached the massive 10 year milestone:

– Pete
– Cheryl
– Joshua

So congratulations and your anniversary hoodie and t-shirts have been handed out, or posted in Joshua’s case.

And in these cases a belated mention to Kasey and Cathy who both knocked up 5 years of DPM action last year too.

They both receive a 5 year t-shirt.

Well done to everyone and thank you for your continued and ongoing support.

I’m glad you’ve found somewhere you’re comfortable with and I look forward to the next part of our journeys together.

If you’re reading this you’ll notice that there’s plenty of DPMers who have been around for this amount of time and even longer.

Later this year and next year there’s some who’ll be approaching their 15 years of action which is pretty amazing.

Just goes to show that when people join, they usually stay because they’ve found somewhere that they fit in – somewhere that’s not a traditional ‘bootcamp’.

If that sounds like something you’d like to experience, or you know someone who may enjoy what I offer, I appreciate you spreading the word.

Any new DPMer who comes in off a recommendation always stays longer as they’re usually the right type of fit as they get what we’re about before they even turn up for their first session.

And as you may well be aware of by now, I like to reward those who do encourage people.

I’ll remind you about that another day.


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