Here’s a breaky idea for you, straight outta the DPM Quick, Healthy Meals Cookbook.

And it’s something you might find will just hit the spot for you as a winter breaky option.

Especially if you’re a porridge fan.

But, as you might be aware, the traditional porridge doesn’t exactly make the cut as part of the DPM ‘Detox’ game plan.

A few years ago I was mucking around in the kitchen (yes it happens every now and then that I decide to get creative in there) and ended up with this which was pretty cool.

Winter Porridge

• ½ cup of LSA (which is ground linseed, sunflower seed and almonds)

• ½ cup of water (you could also use almond milk or coconut milk which I’d prefer these days by the way)

• ½ chopped apple or pear (chop into small pieces so it gets softer easier)

Of course you could use any fruit to add to it.

Put all of the above on the stove and cook for around 3 minutes or until you lose patience or your apples are softish.

Top with a small portion of chopped nuts and coconut flakes.

Come to think of cacao nibs would be pretty damn awesome in it too.

You can also finish off with cinnamon sprinkled over the top.

Sound like a winner?

It’s something that I’ll think I’ll go back and add back into my rotation and it may be something worth adding to yours.

And that’s where I can help you.

You’ll get more stuff like that as part of the DPM Quick Healthy Meals Cookbook which all clients get (in pdf and hard copy format) when you join us.

Of course you’ll also get the results producing DPM 3 Day Detox Diet in both formats too.

This is the bible for results as far as DPMers who get results go.

Maybe you know a friend or even your partner who can benefit from this game plan to help keep them accountable over winter?

Don’t forget, should they do decide to join, I’d love you shout you both a $200 dinner gift card each after they’ve been with DPM for 6 months.

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