There’s something about your one of your childhood heroes passing that makes you feel like you’re getting older.

And more importantly, when they die suddenly from a heart attack it is a reality check to make sure you’re doing something about your own health.

As you may be aware now, Dean Jones died from a heart attack last Thursday and I found out during half time in the footy and it obviously came as a bit of a shock.

Dean was my first cricket hero as a cricket mad kid in the 80’s. I even had his county cricket bat.

He was only 59.

Now as you may also know, I’m no stranger to someone passing suddenly from a heart attack in their 50’s. My dad was only 53.

The thing that I thought when I heard about this was I’m glad I did something about my health last year/start of this year.

I always figured that cause I was active and ate pretty good that I’d be sweet from going down the same path as my dad.

But after a very fit client had a scare last year, something in the back of my head last year made me go and speak to the doctor, kind of embarrassed in a way cause there was no symptoms or anything.

However I was lucky that I did.

Cause after a few tests showed up some irregularities it turns out that I could well have been another statistic if I just washed it off and said she’ll be right.

So while Dean’s death is obviously a tragedy for his family, and sad for the rest of us who grew up watching him as a kid, I hope it makes someone reassess their mortality and go and get checked.

Especially if things seem off or even if you feel fine, if you have a family history of sudden death or heart problems or whatever.

Go and have a chat to your doctor.

The best thing they can say after a bit of further testing is you’re fine.

You could also argue, like in my case, that the best thing was finding out there was something there that I can address now while it isn’t a problem – that will help reduce the risk of it being a serious problem down the track.

Remember at the end of the day, you can’t choose your genes.

But if you got an ordinary hand there like I did, you can at least find out early enough and do something about it.

Cause I don’t want to not see my kids grow up.\


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