Got your attention?

Well that headline got mine yesterday,

So I had to check it out.

Cause if you are a yo-yo dieter then you might want to pay attention to this article I came across.

Scientists have discovered that chronic yo-yo dieters may have a broken connection between the “reward” and “control” centres in their brains.

When this connection is impaired, a person may have trouble maintaining a healthy bodyweight because they are susceptible to binge-eating or over-rewarding after exercise.

Basically this means if you train for 30 mins and burn X amount of calories, you reward yourself (cause you deserve it) and eat or drink something that’s usually double the calories of what you just burned.

Make sense?

The only thing they left out here is that after you do a DPM style session your metabolism is stoked for the next 24-48 hours meaning you burn more calories even when you’re sitting at your desk.

But you get the point about the reward eating though yeah?

I think we’re all guilty of that at some time or another.

It makes for interesting reading.

It’s all down to your brains hardwiring.

The article finished with this advice: 

In the meantime, if you identify as a chronic dieter, don’t give up hope:
you’re best off focusing on a style of eating that lowers your overall calories without feeling like it’s strangling the life out of you to maintain it.

Which funnily enough is what we focus on here at DPM with my detox game plan.

And the best thing is you don’t have to count every bloody single calorie.

Most of all, the common feedback is “it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be”

So can we un-train all of that hard wiring?

I think it’s possible cause the more you form a new habit

– being continued turning up to training and following the game plan you start to feel better.

Meaning you’re more likely to stick on track.

Especially cause the DPM style gives you outs – your cheat meals –

where you can plan them into your week so you know you don’t have to be ‘good’ the whole time.

Do the work then enjoy your treats.

That’s my way around that hard wiring.

Does it always work?

Of course not.

We’re all human after all.

BUT you’re in a hell of a lot better position.

What do you think?


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