I don’t do heroes much these days.

But of course back in the day I had a few of them.

Probably like you no doubt.

And even though they’re not normally my thing now, there’s a couple of pretty cool stories i wanted to share with you today that are about as close as you can get to heroic.

Over the weekend you may have heard that Turia Pitt finished the Hawaiian Ironman.

Not just any race but a pretty phenomenal effort even for someone who hasn’t had all the set backs she has.

3.8km swim

180km bike ride

and a full marathon 42.2km thrown in just for measure to finish.

Add doing this in Hawaii in the middle of the lava fields and heat that it brings off.

All of this of course after she probably shouldn’t even be alive today.

Remember she was the one who got caught in that awful bushfire when doing an ultra marathon and got burns to pretty much her entire body and wasn’t expected to live.

Well she proved them wrong.

To recover and do what she’s done even before this weekends efforts are just crazy.

The other story is an older one, and one of my favourites, but I just finished reading this blokes latest book on the weekend – John Maclean.

John if you remember was hit by a bike when training for a triathlon 27 years ago and became an incomplete paraplegic.

He went on to become a freakish wheelchair athlete – swimming the English Channel, finishing the same Hawaiian Ironman that Turia just finished in the able bodied cut off time (as a wheelchair athlete), kayaking around the Hawaiian Islands and a two time Paralympian.

Among other things.

But his biggest story, and what this book mostly covered, was his journey to learn to walk again.

He is still an incomplete paraplegic so can’t walk like you or I but to do what he did was once again an amazing story.

He also went back and did the Nepean Triathlon a couple of years ago as an able bodied athlete – riding a conventional bike and walking the running part (he used the help of poles and callipers for his legs).

You may have seen that on 60 minutes when it happened 2 years ago.

I just wanted to take a different tact today and share these 2 stories for you – if you’re into reading definitely check out Johns latest book “How Far Can You Go”.

I haven’t read Turia’s book but I’m sure its pretty powerful stuff.

Now, while I can’t compete with what these two legends have done, what I can do is help you lose those 5-10kg that you may be struggling to lose.

If that sounds like something you need,

Hit reply and lets see what we can get happening.

I’ve got a couple of spots available in both my Lilyfield and Observatory Hill morning small group sessions that you might be interested in.




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