Maybe I think too much.

Maybe I don’t think enough.

I don’t really know.

But, there’s a few things I do know,

after really getting into the Olympics over the last week.

It’s been great watching – especially with that 7 app thing that lets you watch whatever you want on demand.

Which reminds me I gotta go back and watch that Fiji 7’s win this arvo.

So I thought I’d share some random thoughts with you.

Stay with me though cause in the end they may help you with your own ‘Olympic’ preparation

in hitting that personal best on the scales or a new low personal best clothes size.

* I love how the Aussies are dirty about losing to the Yanks in the basketball yesterday.

For me that performance was the highlight of the games for me. Sticking it to the red hot favourites and almost pulling off an upset.

When no one gave them a chance.

To be honest, I thought I’d be happy with losing by 20 or so.

But they nearly pulled off the impossible.

* Our swimming performance. While, granted, it’s a hell of a lot better than it was back in London

when they were all out on Red Bull and Stilnox,

they’d probably be the first to admit they haven’t lived up to expectations.

Red hot favourites in a lot of events and failing to win medals.

Which makes me ask, once again, why are our qualifiers held four months out from the games?

The US had theirs last month.

They’re getting athletes in peak form when it matters.

Not getting them up 4 months ago, then having to work on getting them up again.

This isn’t a whinge because we’re not winning as much as we think we should,

just a way of saying they could do things a hell of a lot better.

* How come certain sports make the cut while others don’t?

Personally I believe if you can do anything with a schooner in your hand it isn’t a sport, it’s a recreation.

So that rules out table tennis.

Same with lawn bowls and darts in the Commonwealth Games.

Also golf and tennis?

They’ve got their own 4 majors to focus on and besides most of the big names aren’t there anyways.

While a sport like Netball would absolutely kill it in the games and open up doors to new fans and countries playing.

Just my random thoughts.

But they can all tie into what I mentioned before about your own ‘Olympic’ preparation.

You see, along your journey there’s going to be plenty of people who tell you that you won’t last.

That you’re kidding yourself.

That you will fail just like every other time.

But just like those athletes winning against the odds when no one else thinks they can,

they have a point to prove.

So do you.

All you need is the right support around you.

The Boomers believed they could win even if no one else did.

Sure they fell just short, but it’s a slip up along the way.

Those racing against the Aussie swimmers that didn’t meet expectations

based on their previous times thought they could win

– despite the bookies having us odds on favourites

And they were right.

They did cause the upset.

See it works.

You can get your ‘Olympic’ moment too.

You just need the right coach to help get you there.

And your preparation starts right here.

With us at Team DPM.

We’re at Lilyfield or Observatory Hill in the mornings.

More info here


Any questions hit reply and let me know.

Go on, get that PB.




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