Thought I’d give you something practical to start your week and give you my current favourite quick and healthy snack options.

They’re quick cause there’s no preparation needed. You just need to buy them at the shops.

I’ve included a photo below of each of them for easy reference for you if your’e keen to try them out.

My Go To Snack Options Right Now

And the best thing about all three of them? There’s hardly any ingredients in them – meaning they’re good for you – and they taste awesome too.

As an added bonus, you can usually find these on special somewhere, and even at full price they’re pretty good value.

Now for the big reveal:

1) Smooshed Wholefood Balls 

My favourite is the peanut butter and caramel. There’s a few others but this one is the best. Aldi and Coles both have them and maybe Woolies too from memory.

And you’ll find them from anywhere from $2.50 (Aldi) or $3 Coles full price.

2) Bliss Balls from Keep It Cleaner

There’s a bunch of flavours in this range with my two favourites being the choc orange and peanut butter choc chip. The espresso one goes good too.

I’ve only seen these at Coles and they retail for $2.50 full price but you’ll often find them on sale for anywhere from half price to 2 for $4.

Of course for other options you can always go for fruit or veggies and the like.

And don’t forget nuts.

But these are my go to’s at the moment and I thought you might like them too.

Let me know if they’re one of your favourites as well.