Today I wanted to start your week by giving you a bit of a pump up.


Cause you’ve earned it.

It would’ve been easy to put your queue in the rack and phone it in over the last couple of months and let life take over with all the stresses of working from home and home schooling, and maybe even some uncertainty on the work front.

There has been a lot going on.

But you kept turning up.

Even if it was remotely via zoom.

You still kept going.

And I really want to thank you for that as well as congratulate you for it.

While I say it would’ve been easy to phone it in, it would’ve been in the short term.

But then of course over the long term the downside would set in.

By not exercising and working out, you would have missed out on the much needed (now more then ever) endorphins boost that exercise gives you.

You would have missed out on the mental release that exercise gives you.

Which at a time, like we mentioned last week, the long term effects of the ‘deeper curve’ of mental health effects on people are going to play out, you are doing the right thing on that front.

Cause you have that exercise outlet.

Even if you may be struggling.

It helps.

So thank you for sticking by me, and well done for keeping going.

I hope that it’s helped you in some small way.

And now that we’re back in person with our small groups, it’s great to be out again – even if it is a bit cold and dark with the early start.

But as the last 2 months showed, it is better than the alternative – I’ve missed the social interaction – the banter and fun that we don’t get over zoom when everyone’s on mute.

Once you have something taken away from you, you appreciate it even more.

So keep doing what you have been doing.

Have a great week and of course, if you know anyone who may need an outlet right now that can benefit from what I offer at DPM, please let them know.


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