So we made it.

Through the holiday season.

And back to day one today.

That’s if you’re back in the saddle like me.

Or you may have another week or so of holiday action.

Lucky you!

But today, what I want you to do is brew the kettle and pull up a chair.

Have a tea or a coffee whatever your go is.

And let me have your hear for a minute or two.

Well, you’re reading this, so eyes to be honest. Not ears.

But anyways, you get where I’m heading right?

Cause I’m going to tell you a story.

Actually there’s a cool reason why we’re ingrained as humans to like stories. 

Back in the day, before people could read or write,

the only way that we could survive as a species was to tell stories to the younger generation.

That way, information would get passed on and on from generation to generation.

Perfect example is the Aboriginal dream time stories that I remember hearing back in primary school.

And the story I have for you today is a story that I thought you’d appreciate today.

It was from a busy mum just like you.

4 kids.

Someone who fitted into this type of category before we started working together:

** They wanted to sleep better, eat better and have more energy

** Kick start weight loss after having trouble shifting those stubborn 5-10kg

** wanted to set a good example for their children 

** wanted to get their old confidence back and not spend 10 minutes staring at a wardrobe figuring out what to wear that hides the areas they’re not comfortable with (you know the flabby thighs, bloated tummy and jiggly arms)

** wanted to get back on track after “falling off the wagon” due to being a busy and sleep deprived Mum

** But the big thing was they just wanted to feel a bit better about themselves

** Not to forget the need for the support and guidance of an expert who helps someone just like them on a daily basis

Maybe you fit into one of those categories?

Maybe even all of them?

Anyways, back to their story.

Here’s what they discovered after only 4 short weeks of a DPM coaching game plan:

(In their own words)

–  “I just wanna say it’s amazing, I feel amazing. I lost a total of 8.5cm from my waist, 7.5cm from my hips and 6.6kg in 4 weeks. 

– “I found the food really filling and really good. The recipes were yummy. All the kids and my husband, I’ve got 4 little boys, all enjoyed the meals and they’ve enjoyed everything I’ve cooked basically” 

– “My husbands lost a bit of weight too which is always a bonus”

– “the exercise was really easy to fit in, my little boys did it with me on some occasions which is really cute”

And last but not least a final word of encouragement for you:

“I couldn’t recommend it more highly to anyone because it’s sustainable, you still get to have your cheats and it was really enjoyable. I feel awesome so thanks so much”

So, how’s that for a story?

Not bad hey if I might give DPM a bit of a wrap.

To be honest though, I just provide the road map.

You’ve still gotta do the work.

But if you’re ready to do the work,

so that you can experience all of that, maybe even more,

then here’s what I need you to do:

Click this link below, tell me what you want to get out of us potentially working together,

and why now is the perfect time to do it


So what’s holding you back right now?


PS – don’t be honest, you don’t even have to do it for YOU. Do it for your kids.

So you have more energy to play with them. So you can be more present with them when you’re with them.

So you don’t get puffed chasing them around after a couple of minutes.

Or just so you can be around for them when they get older



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