At least some people have moved on from hoarding toilet paper.

I haven’t worked out whether that’s cause no one can buy any now, or that people have finally realised that they might need to eat as well.

But at least one business (apart from the supermarkets) is getting a boost right now and that’s the fresh fruit and vegetable market.

It seems that people have caught on that the best way to actually get better, or stay healthy, is to eat healthy.

According to the farmer mentioned in this article the demand has been stronger than ever.

I guess if one industry deserves a break after years of drought it’s farmers so good to see they’re getting a leg up for a change.

It makes sense.

The more nutrients and vitamins you get – through real food, the better off you’ll be.

Especially when you need it the most – like now.

And apart from increasing your vegetable and fruit intake, there’s another couple of steps you can take.

1) Dose up on something like Armaforce. I’ve mentioned this before, and I don’t get any money from them. Although I probably should be considering the amount of people I’ve recommended it to.

I normally start to take it at this time of year anyways as it starts to get cooler and more colds are around.

And when you feel something coming on, the dose is recommended to increase from once a day to 3-6 times a day (I’ve been told both by 2 different pharmacists).

Either way you’ll be boosting your immune system and giving your body the best chance to fight anything off that comes on – or prevent it from coming on in the first place.

2) If you do feel a sore throat coming on – gargle with salt water morning and night. It’ll help kill any baddies.

3) Another idea is dose up on Manuka honey too -the real stuff not the cheap honey you put on toast. Same reason as above.

The other thing that definitely won’t hurt is making sure you’re having bone broth regularly.

And of course to keep exercising.

Even if it’s lower intensity quick workout at home or just a bit of cardio via a walk to get some sunlight and body moving.

Hope these tips help.


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