Got an interesting bit of info to share today and it features the age old question – is what you eat more important than what you weigh?

It’s something that we’ve looked into before, whether someone who exercises on a regular basis, and follows a relatively healthy lifestyle, but may be technically overweight is more healthier than someone who is ‘skinny’ but has a pretty poor lifestyle – ie doesn’t exercise regularly and eats pretty ordinary.

To me it’s a given.

I’d take option a any day of the week.

And now the research findings, based on a 20 year study in Sweden with 79000 people is in.

It found that people who followed a Mediterranean diet style of eating had a lower risk of dying even if they were technically classified as overweight.

But here’s the interesting clincher, those who were technically obese but followed that type of food plan still had a lower risk of dying than those with a normal ‘healthy’ weight range.

“The single most important finding in my mind is that the Mediterranean diet seemed to compensate the negative effect of [high] BMI on longevity,” says Karl Michaelsson, who led the study.

Just to clarify the Mediterranean diet consists of plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, oils, nuts and legumes, fish, high fibre/unrefined grains and fermented dairy.

The downside though is red meat and alcohol are kept to a minimum.

But those results are interesting don’t you think?

And it just goes to show that if you are technically overweight, you can still be healthy.

Providing you’re doing the right thing.

Then of course you add exercise into the plan and you’re flying.

So the take home point is to focus on what you eat and how you move rather than the number that stares back at you on the scales.

However if your weight isn’t great and your lifestyle isn’t great either, than of course you’re heading for problems if you don’t do anything about it.


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