As you may be aware, when it comes to music there’s not many more things I love more than 80’s hair bands.

Well that and 90s rap music.

But when you’re talking hair bands, 

give me Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue etc any day over what they call music now.

They were the good ole days of music that’s for sure.

Back when you needed more than some bloody doof doof loop on repeat to make a song.

Anyways, enough of my rant that makes me sound like an old man.

Well maybe I am getting to be an old man…

But today I’m thinking of Jon Bon Jovi, and Bon Jovi as a band to be specific.

And one song in particular.

Living on a prayer.

Definitely their biggest hit but not my favourite tune of theirs by any stretch.

(I’ll take ‘Something To Believe In’ any day)

Sure it was a good song though.

But the reason for living on a prayer today is cause that famous line

“Ohhh we’re half way there”

And this month is living on a prayer month when you think about it.

Cause we’re half way through the year.

Yep – living on a prayer month.

But it brings me to this one big question and something that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, but it bears mentioning again:

Are you half way to what you said you’d achieve this year?

So, if you said way back on Jan 1 that you’re going to drop 10kg this year – are you 5kg down now?

If you said you’d drop 2 jeans sizes are you down 1 size?

The answer for each of those questions – or whatever goal you set yourself fix simple.

It’s a yes or no.

Not ‘I would’ve but..’,

‘I started, but…’

Get where I’m going?

You’ve either done the work of you haven’t.

Harsh maybe.

But truth.

If you’re not half way to where you want to be,

There’s still hope.

So long as you’ve started or so long as you’re ready to start.

On that, If you’re having troubles getting started

Or if you just don’t know what to do

There is a solution that will help you get there.

The DPM solution, cause it’s obvious what you’ve been doing, or not been doing so far this year hasn’t been working for you.


Next step starts here:




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