Seeing as we’re in June and approaching the half way mark of the year, I wanted to get in early with this little half time pep talk.


Cause it’s a dangerous time of year to be honest.

It’s only now that the weather is really starting to get colder.

And with that, depending on your constitution, you’re either “so what, situation normal” or you’ve gone down the other avenue of hitting snooze on repeat.

Meaning the thing that suffers is your workout time.
Cause hit snooze a couple of times and that equals a missed session.


Sound familiar?

So I wanted to get in early and give you some feedback.
Just like a coach does during their half time pep talk to their team.

Back in the day I used to coach a Colts rugby team.

Truth be told we were a crap team.

Good bunch of blokes, but the team wasn’t exactly that good to be blunt.

Neither was their coach to also be fair.

But I got used to trying to pump up their tyres and let them know what we could focus on for the second half.

Today I’ll try and give you the same.

Especially if you’re starting to notice you’re falling into the category of hitting snooze on repeat and sleeping in when you should be out at training.

So what to do?

You’ll notice if you follow sports that the third quarter in sports is usually called “the championship quarter”.

It’s where a good team if they’re getting beat will come right back and blow you away.

If you’re an NBA fan, you’ll notice the damned Warriors did this pretty much every playoff game against Portland in the last round.

But there’s also another thing that I notice as a fan that often gets overlooked.

Just before half time is when a team, in any sport, can switch off and let the opposition back in.

Thinking there’s a break coming up soon and subconsciously they let their guard down.

This is my warning to you.

We’re almost at the half way point of the year now.

Don’t switch off.

Don’t get caught into that trap of hitting snooze on repeat.

Cause it becomes an easy habit to get into.

Just as a regular exercise routine is easy to get into once you’ve crossed a couple of sessions off.

It just becomes the new normal.

So does this.

Hopefully you take this little pre-half time pep talk in the right way if you find that it resonates with where you’re at right now.

Any habit is easy to build.

Good and bad.

Yes, it’s cold outside but remember you’re only cold at the start. 

After a few minutes you’ve already lost a layer with the jacket coming off and your body is warm.

You’ll also be feeling a lot fresher mentally and of course notice the physical benefits for the rest of the day after you’re finished.

Remember this next time you’re tempted to hit snooze.

Don’t be forced into playing catch up and risk getting blown away in that ‘championship quarter’.


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