Going to keep this message short n sweet for you today (keeping in theme with my upcoming book!)

By the way, that book is still coming, but delayed due to operator incompetence.

You see, each time I order a new proof I find another obvious typo.

Next time I will read it slowly!

So bear with me, it’ll be here in time for Christmas present season.


So today I want to give you some practical advice that you can use to help you on your journey.

Especially if you’re into week 3 of our Transformation Contest, I’m sure you’re already understanding this by now.

But for everyone else here it is:

Don’t overcomplicate things

Just start moving.

This is also the underlying theme of my book.

Just do something.

All your ducks don’t have to line up in a row for you to start.

By the way, that’s never going to happen.

That’s just called life.

So don’t overcomplicate everything.

If you’re not doing anything right now, start moving.

Pick something simple you can add to your life.

If your’e already doing something and it isn’t working like it should, what could that be down to?

Not enough sleep? 

Too much training? (yes there is such a thing)

Too much stress in your life?

What is it?

If you need help getting to the bottom of this, let me know and we can see what is going on.

Just don’t complicate things.

Sound fair enough?