Hope you’re enjoying the nice long weekend and hopefully a sleep in this morning?

With school going back in a couple of days the run has ended for most of us.

Well and truly for some of us who’ve been back on deck for a few weeks now.

The break seems like a distant memory.

But if you had a longer break and are just getting back into the work routine again, you may well find yourself going through the motions and yearning for those nice long holiday days where your only problem was what time you should have your first drink for the day.

Sound familiar?

If yes, I found some tips from Beyond Blue that may help you get over the post holiday blues.

1) Don’t force yourself to forget about it.

A good tip they shared was if you spent a month planning the holiday, spend a month reliving it in your head. Same goes if your planning took longer I guess. Spend the time reliving it. Look at your photos. Reflect back on the cool things you did and the places you saw.

2) Talk about it – share your photos with anyone who asks

3) Plan your next thing to look forward to – this is the best one in my opinion. I always loved when I used to go ahead and plan a big overseas trip.

Normally I hate spending hours researching a big product I have to buy, but for some reason, I’ve always enjoyed putting in time working out holidays, where to go, where to say, what to do etc.

Even when that holiday hasn’t gone through, the thought of the planning got me excited. 

Maybe it’s the same for you.

And if that gets you through to the next one then all good yeah?

4) Use your memories to inspire and encourage you when you’re feeling down. Look back and reflect on the fun you had.

You may have found these beneficial, maybe not.

But I thought it timely either way.

One of my goals this year was a family holiday away somewhere. Not a big thing at the end of the day, cause all you have to do is put a little money aside for one.

But I am looking forward to looking at places where to go.

Have a good week.



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