Sometimes we take things for granted and it’s never more apparent when something big comes along and kicks you in the backside.

Take for example the last week – just the simple pleasure of being outside and enjoying some sunshine.

That took a backseat when we didn’t see the sun for the best part of a week and it rained and rained and rained some more.

Although it did get a bit old, if you weren’t flooded, or had serious leakage issues, then we really didn’t have anything to complain about.

Same went for this time last year.

When everything got taken away from us.

Not being able to just sit in a cafe and enjoy a meal.

Not being able to see your family at Easter.

That sucked.

So every now and then it doesn’t hurt to think how good we actually have it.

Sure things may not be perfect – it probably never will be cause there’s always going to be one thing.

But we definitely have it better than most.

Take some parts of the world that are in the same, or worse, position than a year ago when we’re pretty much back to normal except for having to sign in with a QR code to a place you want to eat in at.

There’s plenty of things we can complain about if we choose.

But there’s also a reason why we used to be called the ‘lucky country’.

Yesterday I did enjoy that walk in the sun that little bit more than usual.

I hope you did too.




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