Put this one down in ‘the world has gone mad’ file.

You know the file where political correctness has taken over common sense

(in case someone out there just might be offended, and if they’re not, we’ll be offended on their behalf anyways).

And if there isn’t a file on this, there needs to be one right now.

Cause if the aliens come and invade they’ll discover that we’re mad, write us off as a lost cause and don’t bother pursuing us any further.

What am I on about?

Well, there was a preview for the new Amy Schumer movie that’s coming out and she’s copping heat big time.

She tweeted the preview for “I Feel Pretty” and twitter lost its mind.

The premises of the movie is Amy falls of her spin bike during a gym class and wakes up possessing an amazing level of confidence that she never had before.

She basically discovers that she’s hot and isn’t shy about telling anyone.

She’s also more confident at work.

So it’s not exactly going to win an Oscar but hey, that’s not the point of her movies.

They’re designed for a laugh.

If she’s your cup of tea you’ll enjoy it.

If not, you won’t bother tuning in.

No harm, no foul. 

But all the do-gooders got their knickers in a knot because Amy, as you’re no doubt aware,

isn’t exactly a size 6 Hollywood stick thin model,

And the supposed message is she’s making fun of overweight people by only thinking she’s hot after she had a knock to the head instead of being happy in her skin.

God help us all.

By the looks of the preview, and the way I took it as it was meant to be intended,

was her new found confidence gave her self belief to try things she would never have done before.

How is that a bad thing?

Besides, it’s a comedy.

They’re designed for a laugh.

It’s not reality.

You could even argue that it’s a body positive movie where the real message is that you’re pretty or hot or whatever you want to call it even if you don’t fit the Hollywood model stereotype.

Anyways, if someone wants to feel better about themselves who are we to judge them for it?

It’s better than being totally miserable and down on yourself the whole time.

But that wouldn’t fit the narrative of the permanently offended would it?


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