There’s not a lot of things I love more in sport than watching the NBA playoffs.

The games actually mean something of course, where in a traditional regular season that has 82 games you can understand that some people phone it in some nights.

And let’s not even start on baseball and the 160 odd regular season games or whatever that number is these days.

But the talent steps up and it can sometimes be the making of some young guys who become the new stars, while on the other hand mark the down trend in others who can’t step up in the pressure situation.

Basically it means that those who’ve done the work when no one is watching get their chance to shine.

And the interesting thing is that despite how good one player may be, they’re not going to get through to the next round if they don’t have any help on their team.

Case in point LeBron and Luka this year for those who follow along.

Now, I could talk about this all day, but the real message before you drop off to sleep is that there’s a lot of things that need to go right for a team to win a best of 7 series and progress to the next round.\

Injuries need to be on your side – as in not have any significant ones.

And like I said before, you need some decent support from your teammates.

Kinda like a fitness journey when you think about it.

You work hard to see some results.

And most of that work is done when no one is watching.

Like getting your clothes ready the night before so you’re set to go in the morning without stuffing around.

Like getting up as soon as the alarm goes instead of hitting snooze.

And as for team mates to help you, that could be your partner who can coordinate with you so you can get out and exercise while they take care of everything else.

It could also be the support and guidance you get from people like me – aka a coach if we’re talking about the basketball setting.

And the actual implementing the advice that is given by the coach.

As you can see, there are plenty of similarities, so the take home point for today is to keep pushing towards your goals even if it’s not an NBA championship.

Meanwhile I better get back to the game cause as I’ve been typing this it has got close!



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