How’s the last week gone for you?

Obviously it’s awesome to enjoy some down time and not have to wake up to an alarm.

I’ve been craving that.

Even if the kids give me an early wake up, it’s not as early as it would otherwise have been so I can’t complain.

Plus I have the option most days of a lunch time sleep too so that’s a win.

How good is day time nanna naps?

Anyways, chances are no matter how you’ve spent the first week of the Christmas break you fit into one of these three categories.

So pick a box and see where you fit

BOX 1: Things as per normal with your eating and workout plan apart from a little Christmas Day indulgence 

BOX 2: Relaxing the reins on the food and drink side of things, enjoying the break and the festivities within fair reason and doing a bit of activity – whether that be your usual workouts or doing more walking with your extra time available

BOX 3: Throw the usual plan out the window and you’ve been eating and drinking to your hearts content with no exercise

Where are you right now?

I’m not going to judge you either way.

Cause over plenty of years I’ve been a box 3 guy. And paid for it in January.

I’m aiming for a box 2 guy now.

I want to enjoy the action but don’t want to put on a bunch of weight – cause I do that easy. 

So i’ve upped my walking and adding in a couple of bodyweight workouts each week (well that’s the plan in advance as I write this!).

I planned a week off my workouts a couple of weeks ago to get over a couple of niggles and with the view that way I can still do something now cause I know my body needs it.

That way I can hopefully minimise the damage I’ll be doing so there’s only a couple of kgs to come off in January which will happen as soon as I return to the normal game plan food and drink wise.

Box 1 is unrealistic for me. I enjoy food and drink and this time of year too much that’d just make me miserable.

So pick what works for you.

No judgement like I said, but whatever happens now we can work on it later.

In the meantime, this Short ‘N Sweet Book will help you keep on top of things 

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