Came across the latest cover of Women’s Health magazine and something caught my eye.

The cover girl was Carrie Bickmore and the heading was ‘how she got these hot abs’.

Now if we know anything about the media and the way women are viewed,

It’s that every model gets photoshopped to the nth degree.

So my first guess on how she got those impossibly ‘hot abs’ as featured on the cover,

would indeed be photoshop.

Side note, how come when a newspaper takes a bit of editorial liberty,

and has a picture of someone like a politician depicted as a pig with its snout in a trough,

they have to put digitally altered image on the shot.

Now, you’d have to be pretty much a space cadet to think anything but.

However when it comes to magazines and the photoshopping of models it’s free game leading to teenage girls having body image issues over something that isn’t even real in the first place.

You and I are smart enough to work that out,

but a kid?

Maybe not as savvy.

But what would I know…

Anyways, I didn’t actually read the article on Carries hot abs.

I might just check it out out of a bit of curiosity.

It does bring me to this point.

While the women’s magazines might like to touch things up and make things unrealistic,

I can assure you 100% that any transformation photos you’ll find here on the DPM website are the real deal.

Absolutely no editing (apart from cropping out their head for privacy) or photoshopping.

Besides, I have no idea how to do any of that anyways!

Way beyond my pay grade.

What I do know however is how to help you get from the before shot to the after shot.

Most of the ones you see on my sites are from transformations that are only 4 short weeks in duration.

Pretty impressive right?

Want a piece of that?

Answer a couple of questions about where you are and what you want.

Then let’s get a 5 minute call organised to see if you’d be appropriate for one of the DPM solutions.

And the only way that we can see whether it’s worth pursuing things further is to have that quick coaching call.


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