Could’ve just phoned it in.

No one would’ve known if I did…

Except me.

But it can be easy to kid yourself sometimes into believing that something’s okay when it really isn’t.

Or kid yourself into thinking missing one isn’t going to make much of a difference.

Except it does.

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m writing about,

I’ll stop beating around the bush.

You see on Tuesday, my usual training partner bailed on me at the last minute.

Well  pretty much last minute.

And I could’ve just written it off, justifying to myself that I’d already gone for a 40 minute walk earlier that morning so I might just give it a miss.

But I’d committed to doing a session that day.

And I knew I had to cross something off.

Bet you’ve been in the same shoes right?

Sometimes it can be a toss of a coin which option you take too right?

I know it has been for me.

Didn’t get enough sleep the night before = yeah I’ll just stick with a walk.

Or just rest.

And don’t get me wrong,

sometimes your body needs rest.

On the flip side,

Sometimes it needs to move.

You gotta be straight with yourself which one you’re at on that particular day.

Trust me, cause there’s been more than a few days when I have phoned it in over the years.

But Tuesday I got home and got the boxing gloves on and decided to do a bit of a home workout.

And went to work on the punching bag.

Now, you don’t need a bag for this workout.

You can do it with a partner (it’ll just double the time it takes),

or do it via shadow boxing.

Either way,

your heart rate will get up and you’ll get a sweat on.

Plus you’re making a dent in that tummy you want to start see shrinking with spring a week away.

Here’s what I did:

(all of this is done using the interval timer app on my phone – 20 secs of work, 10 secs of rest for 4 minutes total each group)

1a) Left Jabs hard
1b) Right Jabs hard
Repeat x 4

2a) Left-Left-Right hard
2b) Right-Right-Left hard
Repeat x 4

3a) Doubles @ chest height – hard
3b) Fast punches at waist height
Repeat x 4

4a) Left-Right-pause hard
4b) Right-Left-pause hard
Repeat x 4

That’s it.

Less than 20 mins.

Done and dusted.

Yep you don’t need hours each workout just to commit to something.

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