Sometimes in life you hear something that puts a different perspective on your thought train about a particular topic.

For me, it came over the weekend when I was listening to a podcast and the bloke was talking about this whole coronavirus thing over the world.

He was putting a different spin on it.

So instead of all the negativity with what’s going on, and there’s plenty of that – especially if you have a family member who’s passed away and you can’t go to their funeral, or lost your job etc.

But his thinking was imagine how many people have actually had their life saved because of it.

He mentioned that if the lockdown had of happened 2 months earlier, Kobe wouldn’t have died.

Same for 12 months earlier when his friend was shot dead.

He would’ve been at home.

It makes you stop and think right?

So while this isn’t perfect, right now, it’s saved a lot of lives.

Now don’t get me wrong, this guy wasn’t taking away from the fact that there’s been over 250,000 deaths world wide, and that is terrible – especially if you are one of the people left behind after a death of a loved one.

He’s just saying looking at the bigger picture, there’s a lot more people who would’ve survived that otherwise wouldn’t.

Yes it’s a sliding doors type moment for both sides.

He was just trying to put a positive spin on an otherwise negative situation.

Just goes to show what happens when you shift gears in your thinking with your perspective right?

So how do you take this?

I like it.

And hopefully it helps you through this week if you’re starting to get a bit down with the lack of the old normal in your life.


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