Every now and then I get asked what the DPM session timetable is looking like and as of this week its changed just a little bit.

But for pretty much everyone it won’t effect what you’re doing.

It all happened kinda fast but as of this week there are no more Tuesday availabilities after the usual morning sessions.

Don’t stress, our usual Lilyfield and Observatory Hill groups are on at 5:40 and 7:15 respectively.

It’s just that after that I’m not doing any more PT sessions throughout the day.

You see I’m doing Daddy Day Care and looking after Jade so it’ll be like my usual Mondays.

Monday it’s Emily and her.

Tuesday it’s just the one.

It’s cool to have that extra time with just her and me,

although it is easier being at work as I’m sure you can agree if you cast your mind back to your time in those shoes!

I’ve always said I wanted to make the most of this time with them when they’re young enough to not just view me as an ATM.

So, as it stands the current DPM timetable looks like this:


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 


Leichhardt Oval # 3 field on the bay run.


Tuesday and Thursday 7:15-7:45am 

Saturday 8-9am

At the Observatory hill outdoor workout area

As for the personal training sessions, and any potential availability,

I have the following availabilities:

+ Wednesday at 1:30pm

+ Thursday at 12:15pm

+ Friday at 12:15pm

Interested in any of those options, or know someone who might be?

Just simply hit reply and we can have a quick chat and see what we can hook up for you.

NOTE: all these sessions are 30 mins as that’s all you’ll need with the style of workouts we do


PS -thanks again to those who took time out to do a google review last Friday, I really appreciate your nice words about how DPM has helped you over the years