Have you ever been to Tijuana and seen the white donkeys that they paint with black stripes to pass off as zebras?

No? Well you’re not missing much. They try and con the tourists walking by into taking a photo with the ‘zebra’.

Not very convincing. Even for a naive younger version of myself on a contiki tour back almost 20 years ago.

I was reminded of this last week when I saw one of those moments on twitter about how a zoo in Egypt was accused of doing the same.

Not being convinced I googled it and it turns out it was featured on the BBC News website so it is legit.

They didn’t do a very good job of the lie either.

Their paint job was even less convincing then the Mexicans from my earlier story.

They actually smudged the paint on the donkey if you can believe that!

Kinda puts a new spin on that old pin the tale on the donkey kids party game don’t you think – paint the fake zebra stripes on the donkey maybe?

I don’t know what this thing about trying to pass off donkeys as Zebras is all about though.

But do you know what all this fake stuff reminds me of?

All the fake results that you’ll see on the internet,

especially when it comes to results – or so called results, that people have supposedly got from using magic supplement XYZ.

You know the drill.

A bunch of photoshopped, and usually badly photoshopped before and afters at that, or fake testimonials.

I even remember a few years ago a guy in the industry who got a bit of internet fame for want of a better word, decided to franchise is fitness bootcamp business.

His testimonials were popping up on every other trainers page.

Now whether his were legit I don’t know, presumably so, but he lost all credibility with me when he let all these other people who bought into his franchise use his shots.

How did I find this out?

I was simply googling one day doing some research on what my competition was and came across some before and after photos of supposedly “John from Gladesville” for arguments sake when it was the exact rip off of the photos I’d seen before on a bunch of other websites in the States. 

Funnily enough all from the same franchise.

And unsurprisingly, that whole franchise thing didn’t last long. There were a number of people who got caught out by it and were stung as I found out on a trainers forum I used to be a member of.

Then I heard one of his former mates come out and call him out for his lies and deception.

So, as you can probably imagine, it can often be hard for people to trust someone when they’re looking for a personal trainer.

You may have had the exact same fear unless you came to DPM from a friend who recommended you?

Especially if you found me by googling online or by walking past one of our small group sessions.

And the next best thing to a friend recommending someone?

When you can actually read a google review on someones business page.

They are much harder to fake cause someone else has to actually take the time to go and write something with a verified google account = and put their name to it.

As a result, I’d love if you can help me out with adding your review of DPM to my google page to help someone else who was once in your shoes.

To help remove that confusion and doubt that they may be facing.

I know I’ve bought off business purely on the back of positive google reviews. Especially when I had never came across them previously when looking for a product.

You can do so here, and I appreciate you taking the time to do so.

Click HERE To Give DPM A Google Review

Note you will need a google account (and may need to already be signed into it before you click the link for it to open automatically to the review page) for this but I’d love it if you can help me out please.

Thanks in advance.


PS – don’t have a google account? Let me know and I’ll send you the facebook page link where you can leave your two cents there.

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