Came across something interesting last week.

And I thought you might be just as interested in this as I am.

Considering there pretty much isn’t anyone on earth who doesn’t mind a slice of pizza or two.

Or in my case a whole pizza…

But I found out some interesting research out of Harvard that found you need approx 30 minutes of boxing to burn off 2 slices of pizza.

Well there you go.

I didn’t know that.


Of course this is an average, but funnily enough, the DPM sessions where we get the gloves on go for 30 mins.

Unless you’re part of the early bird Lilyfield team which gets an hour of action each session.

(We tend to box on Tuesdays or Wednesdays with this group).

The other boxing hit outs we do are Tuesday morning 7:15am or Wednesday lunch 11:30-12pm.

Occasionally, we box on a Saturday morning too for an hour.

So there’s another way for you to think of your weekly boxing hit out – a way to burn off 2 slices of pizza (or 4 if you do the longer group!)

The one thing this research didn’t cover though, and a thing that is a HUGE part of you getting results at DPM, 

is the ‘afterburner’ effect.

That is the amount of calories that you can keep burning throughout the day AFTER your workout finishes.

You’re actually going to burn a lot more than you will in your workout.

Basically, you’re stoking the furnace of your metabolism to burn more calories.

Just like putting more wood on the fire in winter to get warmer,

you’ll burn more calories, and lose more weight as a result,

when you put more wood on your metabolism fire via one of our workouts that are specially designed to maximise this phenomenon.

Kinda cool right?

So know you have research from those smart people at Harvard that you can literally have your pizza and eat it too – so long as you’re getting in some DPM action!


PS – Don’t forget if there’s anything you want to see added to your DPM workouts next year, or even something else like social stuff or whatever. Let me know your thoughts 


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